Rikki Tikki is a result of over 20+ years of experience from Chef Ricky. Here at Rikki Tikki, we feel pride in serving our best quality food which is prepared using handpicked and in-house blended spices to provide an authentic flavour to our customers. You will find that our passion, love and affection is the main ingredient in the food that is brought to your table.

We are inviting you to enjoy well presented, authentic flavoured food served by the servers wearing a smile on their face and passionate to make you feel like home. We strongly believe in “Atithi Devo Bhava”, which means that our guests are akin to God, which motivates us to be more hospitable soul.

Our presence in Kensington market is our contribution and initiative to strengthen the diverse nature of Toronto. We are working with zest to bring the communities together on dining table.

Our Chef

Chef Ricky is the soul and backbone of Rikki Tikki. He is joined by three of his most trusted chefs from India and Canada. He has worked with some of the most reputable restaurants in downtown Toronto.

Chef Ricky has had his hands in many cuisines giving him the breadth to understand the nature of spices and know how to use them for the best outcome. Chef Ricky and his team are enthusiastic to serve authentic food in a modern way which legitimizes the name of the restaurant: RIKKI TIKKI Modern Indian Taste.


We are determined and motivated to feed our customers a nutritious and healthy experience. We are passionate to fuse our recipes with the regional flavor to make it adaptable. We believe this will be a way to bring the people together. We are in the business to bring people together.

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209 Augusta Avenue

Toronto, ON M5T 2L4

(416) 792–3229